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Robert Gerlai

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Last Lecture - November 30, 2012 Animal Learning and Memory  birds in the crow family argued to be more intelligent than apes (most intelligent bird species)  latent learning: subject learns w/o external reinforcement  o curiosity/exploratory behaviour motivator behind latent learning o reinforcement in novelty (only difference between classical conditioning)  creative learning: putting pieces of puzzle together in mind and figuring out a solution (modeling in environment in mind to find solution = executive function)  muscle memory: memory in your motor system, can't be explained b/c not conscious not aware of what is changing. ex. getting better at a sport  visual platform task trains animal to associate visual cue with location of platform (non-spatial task)  don't need to remember zebra fish maze task for exam!  don't need to have strong temporal significance b/w CS and US in conditioned taste avers
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