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Lecture 6

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Robert Gerlai

Lecture 6 - October 26, 2012 Roche CD Recombination  Increases genetic variance  Variability reason why sexual reproduction prefered by natural selection  B/c if theres no variablility then its not adaptive when there are changes in the environment  Recombination occurs when gametes are produced  Recombination can be used to identify the location of genes thru genetic mapping  Recombination o Mitotic and meiotic cell division o Use of genetic recombination as a tool to map genes  Mitosis o No recombination o 2 diploid cells (diploid produces diploid) o Occurs in somatic cells  Meiosis: o Produces 4 haploid cells (only one copy of each chromosome) o Occurs during gamete formation o Recombination (portions of maternaal and paternal chromosome exchange)  Exchange of genetic material b/w homologous chromosomes o Basis of genetic diversity in sexually reproducing organisms  Recombination frequencies can be measured by genotyping individuals in a pedigree  Analysis of recombination frequency between two loci from one chromosome allows the estimation of the relative distance b/w them o Higher frequency = genes further apart from ea
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