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Lecture 2

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Peter Morrow

Lecture 2 - September 21, 2012  Darwin united purposless and seemingly purposeful meaningful design o Mutations can be adaptive/ maladaptive, etc.  Steven J. Gould - books  Theory: in science is not speculation it is a coherent collection of facts and findings to make an idea o Proven well established system of empirical findings  Time is important, Darwin concluded that Earth is a very old structure and that for evolution to occur it must have taken a very long time o Very difficult to imagine how much biological/ other change occurs in such a long span of time  Universe is about 13.5 Billion years old  Earth is 4.5 Billion years old  Life has existed for about 3.2 Billion years  Evolution like a tree growing (not a ladder where one species is better than the one before)  Branches that are closer together physically means the species a related more closely by a common ancestor not far below the current time (glass plane cutting tree)  Given enough time and lots of small changes anything can happen through the laws of nature  Evolution = change in allele/gene frequencies from one generation to the next o Any mutation that allows
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