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Lecture notes for "Women's Bodies" sorted under slide titles :)

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Ayesha Khan

Womens Bodies Movie: The vagina monologue -vagina warrior women who have gone through some severe trauma but rather than use weapons or techniques that hurt others, these warriors keep their feelings inside and embrace the grief then make sure they do things so that this thing never happens again -should know how to pronounce the latin word so you can sound out the word when you are writing it in your short answer -prof will provide some The vulva -the entire external genital area the vulva Mons veneris -fatty tissue covered with hair -acts as a cushion during the act of sex itself -the hair traps bacteria so it doesnt go down to regions that are very sensitive to harmful bacteria -hair also traps odours Labia majora -fatty tissue cushioning from any external pressure Labia minora -lots of glands which means there is possibility for excretions -lots of nerve endings associated with pleasure -blood vessels Within the vulva we have the vestibule which we have another category of structures (clitoris, urethral opening, introitus) -there are also 2 glands called the Bartholins glands -part of the vestibule depending on the book you are reading -glans sits very near the external part of the clitoral hood -associated with the clitoral hood which covers the clitoris The Dissection of the Vulva Corpus cavernosum of clitoris -erectile tissue lots of blood flowing there because of many blood vessels and nerve endings -hood of clitoris involved in secretions -lubrication Vestibular bulb -involved in erectile tissue -curved mass that surrounds the vestibule -erection of vestibular bulb during sex is that it lengthens and stiffens the vaginal opening
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