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Lecture 2

Lecture 2 Notes

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Ayesha Khan

Lecture 2. Chapter 3 – Women’s Bodies Sept. 19, 2012  Sex worker was coined in the 1970s because the word prostitution has a lot of negative connotations with it – this encompassed not just prostitutes but all the individuals working in the industry (legal or illegal) such as in the porn industry  Prostitute refers to a specific kind of sex worker  Kinsey demonstrated that sexuality and gender needs to be on a spectrum, it can’t be categorized (Slide 2) The vulva represents the entire external reproductive anatomy  Mons veneris is made up of fatty tissue with skin and hair; the fatty tissue is responsible for protection from pressure (i.e. sex), the hair is responsible for trapping bacteria or any foreign substance that would be harmful to the vulva  Labia major and labia minora are the outer area of the vulva; labia majora are two folds of skin that sit on top of labia minora and has fatty tissue o It sits on top of the labia minora and has fatty tissue and hair to protect the labia minora which is tissue without skin; the labia majora is an extension of the mons  Labia minora is supplied by lots of blood vessels; if it contain blood vessels, it has the ability to become engorged with blood and erect, there are many synapses in the labia minora and many nerve endings, which results in an erotic zone; comprised of glands which aids secretions (Slide 3) The vulva continued  The clitoral hood is the area that sits on top of the clitoris and provides protection form pressure, it contains a little bit of fatty tissue and sits on top of the glans (button-like part of the clitoris); also provides slight lubrication or “ointment”  The clitoris goes toward the reproductive structures, and the glans is the only visible portion of the clitoris form under the clitoral hood, the clitoris contains many nerve endings which means there can be stimulation to that area by thought alone and by slight pressure which allows for sexual arousal  The urethral opening (the area where urine is excreted – a tube which connects to the bladder)  The introitus (the vagina) (Slide 4) Dissection of the Vulva  The pubic symphsis is the line of fusion between the left and right pubic bones  Suspensory ligament of the clitoris are connections which connect to the inside of the individual to the outer portions of the individual; allow for the entire clitoris to be held in place  Corpus cavernosum of clitoris is erectile tissue (Slide 5&6) Dissection of the vulva continued  Crus of the clitoris are extensions of the clitoris itself and go inside the individual toward where the urethra is, they diverge backward and downward toward the urethra; there is one on either side of the clitoris  Vestibular bulbs are also connected to the clitoris; during heterosexual arousal, the vaginal open lengthens and stiffens; these bulbs are involved in lengthening and stiffening of the introitus in preparation of intercourse  Bartholin’s glands are involved during time of orgasm, these glands increase the amount of fluid released; (Slide 7) Dissection of the vulva continued  Ischiocavernosus muscles contract during sexual arousal and surround the structures associated with the clitoris  Bulbospongiosus muscles expand during sexual arousal and focus particularly on the vaginal opening (introitus); increase clitoral erection and tend to increase the erotic sensations of vaginal penetration back up to the clitoris  Only known function of the clitoris and clitoral structures are pleasure  Glans of the clitoris causes the erection because it has the most among of nerve endings and blood vessels  Contractions of the pubococcygeus muscles (muscles of the vaginal floor) contract the walls of the vaginal canal which leads to increased sensation in both males and females; these are the muscles that you feel during orgasm; prevent leakage of urine and fecal matter; also facilitates in keeping sperm inside the vaginal canal (Slide 8) Female circumcision  Sunnah – incision/removal of clitoral hood  Cl
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