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Lecture 3

Lecture 3 Notes

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Ayesha Khan

Lecture 3: Attraction, arousal, and response Sept. 26, 2012 Lecture 2 Cont’d  Growth can happen due to multiplication of cells, or the cells that are already existing do not disintegrate  Heart disease followed by stroke tend to be at the forefront of death  In order to prevent the build up of new cells, we need to attack the DNA which his the function of chemotherapy  BRCA1 and BRCA2 must be present and expressed in order to protect an individual from cancer  The risk of cancer tends to go up in women over 50  3.5 hours of exercise a week or more and no family history of cancer greatly decreases risk of cancer  Androgens are a category of hormones out of which testosterone are one example o Another category of hormones are estrogens out of which estrogen is one of them o Progesterone is an example of progestins  I.e. BPA acts like estrogen in the body and can bind to various receptors in the body that estrogen binds to; what impact does that have in the body? o The breasts are very vulnerable to high levels of estrogen which causes proliferation of cells and therefore, cancer of the breast  Aromatase inhibitor*** o Anastrozole (brand name: Arimidex)*** o Letrozole (brand name: Femara)*** Lecture 3: Attraction, arousal, and response  Asexuality refers to the concept
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