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Ayesha Khan

NOTE: DUE TO POTENTIAL COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENTS, THE SLIDES HAD BEEN TAKEN OUT BY OWNER. SLIDE 1 - Cultural aspect is prudish - When writing assignment or short answers, write it thoroughly and pretend that people reading are newly exposed - There are labeling of reproductive systems - T/F (roughly 16-17 statements, quote about 5 that are true) - The essay question is never come from a topic she never discussed SLIDE 2 - WHY STUDY HUMAN SEXUALITY SLIDE 3 - MEANING OF ‘SEX’ - Prior to 18 century, sex meant whether man or woman th - Starting from 18 century, sex started to mean different things - Functions of the genital systems as well as the genital anatomy - Sex started to mean sexual behaviour - Copulation used to described sex th - Starting from 19 century, started with saying “making love” and associating with having emotion - Sexiness - Sex-crazed - Sex therapy - Not one way to describe sex anymore because it can be used in many different ways SLIDE 4 - Gender does not mean man or woman - Cognitive abilities and personalities; gender is looking at a cluster of different behaviours that exist - The word sex has broadened SLIDE 5 SEXUALITY SLIDE 6 - don’t memorize this definition OF SEXUALITY - Take 5 things away from this and be able to think about how it relates to sexuality SLIDE 7 - Cognition refers to thinking and how you understand the space you’re in (solving puzzles, memories, etc;) - Identities are very important; sense of who you are - Trans: on the opposite side - Transgender is someone who indentifies with the opposite sex and they try to behave that way - Transexual means that they actually become the opposite sex (surgeries and hormone therapies) - Sexual orientation: direction of one’s sexual desire and attraction SLIDE 8 - It also depends how you expect your sexual relationships are like SLIDE 9 - SEXUAL RELATIONSHIPS - Complicated field - Depends on the society you live in will depend on what’s acceptable NOTE: DUE TO POTENTIAL COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENTS, THE SLIDES HAD BEEN TAKEN OUT BY OWNER. SLIDE 10 SEXUAL RELATIONSHIPS SLIDE 11 - Topic is controversial depends on the moral code of where we’re living in - Sexual behaviour and sexual relationships take place in moral context - What is right/wrong SLIDE 12 - SEX IS ABOUT IDENTITY - Sadomasochistic: getting pleasure from pain or emotional pain SLIDE 13 - Sex is about identity - What people experienced in their life may affect their sexual identity SLIDE 14 - SEX IN HISTORY - Name mentioned in lecture you should be able to identify them and their school of thought - Freud gets a bad rep sometimes - The good about Freud has a good biological understanding of people - Brain has conscious, subconscious mind - Subconscious mind is more focused on sexual desires and are kept submerged - He believed that autoerotic (masturbation) and homosexual phases are what children experimented and had to overcome it, then there would be trouble later on in life; also incestuous desire for one or other parent - If there’s healthy childhood, it leads to healthy adolescent and means heterosexual; if not, it means that they did not overcome the autoeroticism and homosexuality SLIDE 15 - Majority of women has attraction to men and vice versa - There are centers of the brain that focus on sexuality NOTE: DUE TO POTENTIAL COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENTS, THE SLIDES HAD BEEN TAKEN OUT BY OWNER. SLIDE 16 - anatomists: Knowing internal and external system - Psychiatry: looking at sexuality at a health disease perspective (not going to focus on that much) - It wasn’t until 1973, that the diagnostic criteria of homosexuality was removed from the DSM (Diagnostic Statistical Mental Disorder) SLIDE 17 - Looks at human sexuality from a mental heath disorder, but we’re looking at a biological perspective SLIDE 18 - Looking from genetic perspectives in terms of genetic defects - Looking at hormones and how they affect anatomy - Social psychology: matters that has to do with perspective of society and what do people concern themselves about - Cultural psychology: goes
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