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Lecture 1

PSY354H5 Lecture 1: Introduction

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Brett Beston

PSY354The Biopsychology of SexLecture 1Written Assignment Research in Biopsychology of SexGoal gain experience oUse the search engine PUBMEDoIe endocrinology social factorial neurobiology of male infertility Describe your topic central theme within the three articlesProvide a summary of what the articles have in common how they are linked and summary how they approach and identify with the question Identify a future direction in researchMidtermworth 30 Assignment worth 25 Finalworth 45Biopsychology of Sex An introduction to the scientific study of sexualityWhy Study Human Sexuality Understanding the structure and function of your anatomy and those of your partnersLearning how people communicate on sexual topicsLearning about sexual diversityoIt helps to encourage understanding that there is a biological basis for an individuals sexual preferenceSexthFor a very long time sex was used to describe an individual as male or female In the 19 century took on a variety of understanding It was applied to any topic related to genitaliaThe term it self was used for copulationfor sex or loveWe can describe people as neurotic by saying they are sexcrazedthEven in the 20 century people can even receive sex therapythIn the 20 century gender takes on more meaning than just identifying an individual as male or female It can be thought of a continuum between male and female taking on cognitive factors how they identify themselves and even what approaches they take Within this we talk about sexuality with encompassing with just sex itselfSexuality Public Health Canada 2008Sexuality is a central aspect of being human throughout life and encompasses sex gender identities and roles sexual orientation eroticism pleasure intimacy and reproduction Sexuality is experienced and expressed in thoughts fantasies desires beliefs attitudes values behaviours practices roles and relationships While sexuality can include all of these dimensions not all of them are always experienced or expressed Sexuality is influenced by the interaction of biological psychological social economic political cultural ethical legal historical religious and spiritual factors SexualitySEX and SEX related phenomenonoCategories of male or female gender is a more recent termoGender collectionSexual relationshipsSexual identitiesoSense of who YOU are as a personoGender identity oTranssexualtransgendered
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