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Lecture 6

PSY354H5 Lecture 6: Gender

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Brett Beston

PSY354The Biopsychology of SexLecture 6GenderAssignment due August 10 2014Identify a topic in the biopsychology of sexSelect 3 research areas related to that topic oIe role of hormones in fertilityfocus on a specific aspect oTry and use primary research articles avoid using review papersoUse PubMed or Google Scholar GenderGender is a Central Aspect of PersonhoodWhat exactly is genderoSome traits are highly gendered ie sexual anatomyGender identityoTranssexual and transgendered people are an exception as these individuals experience discordance between their biological sex and gender identityFor the most people gender role is the expression of gender identity Gender Identity May be Discordant with Anatomical SexAnatomical sex is does not always correspond to gender identityoTransgenderedoTranssexual individualThere is more to ones sense of gender identity than simple genital sex Men and Women Differ in a Variety of Cognitive and Personality Traits Genetic Sex and Cognitive and Personality Traits Spatial rotation taskmales outperform females on this task Test of Object location memoryfemales outperform males on this task Rates at which men killed unreleated men in relation to the killers age and marital statusOverall there is the highest level of homicide rate before you reach the age of 45There is a dramatic different betweenHypothesis 1 women are sorting out the crazies from the rest picking noncrazy males Hypothesis 2 evolutionary approach of jealousy tendencies Female Aggression in ContextWomen are significantly more likely to be attacked by another woman generally an acquaintance than a manIn the USA Campbell et al 1998 found that out of 297 femalefemale fights 121 were concerned with men and 67 were about subsistence concerns food money domestic goods etcoViolent aggression in females tends to be an indirect approach Female Aggression is IndirectFemale criminal behaviour comes close to that of males only where direct confrontations are absent
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