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Lecture 7

PSY354H5 Lecture 7: Attraction, Arousal, & Response

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Brett Beston

PSY354The Biopsychology of SexLecture 7Attraction Arousal and ResponseBeauty is Not Entirely in the Eye of the Beholder Beautiful Female Faces are Symmetrical and YouthfulHighly symmetrical faces and bodies are universally viewed as healthy Females will often select masculine individuals for one night stand Women tend to find males more stronger masculine as unfaithful abusive and less caring to their environment It is believed that people with asymmetry is associated with premature birth forms of intellectual abilities and even likelihood of suffering from psychological distress at early ageIn an evolutionary explanation there are particular genes that regulate symmetry in the left and right hand sidecalled the homobox gene oIt is this one gene and its entire function is to grow similar things on both sides Any deviations is a result of some kind of malfunction in the hombox gene Symmetry in HumansPositively associated withoFacial attractivenessoMens number of sexual partnersoNumber of EPC partnersoNumber of times chosen as an EPC extra pair copulation partnerDo Women Prefer the Smell of Symmetric MenBackgroundoIn surveys women rate partner smell above looksoWomen are more sensitive to smell during ovulation Experimenters asked female students to rate the smell of Tshirts worn by male students for 2 nightsoWe are looking at a collection of 304 malesFluctuating AsymmetryRandom deviation from perfect symmetry between the right and left sides of the body oThen they measured the degree of symmetry of the malesoEx the measured the difference of the edge of the eye to the middle of the noseoPerfect symmetry would get a score of 0Women Close to Ovulation These results are highly controversial Yu can see that women do have a tendency to be able to rate the scent of attractiveness higher in males who have symmetry in facesThis slight correlation disappears at any other point during the menstrual cycle Females seem to be able to pick up some cues and odour during ovulation the 48 hour periodAttraction The beauty of fertility and a good immune systemoPreference for younger features on female
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