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Lecture 8

PSY354H5 Lecture 8: Sexuality and Pregnancy

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Brett Beston

PSY354The Biopsychology of SexLecture 8Sexuality and Pregnancy Sexual Orientationp 447457 not entire chapterSexual Orientation The dimension of personality that describes our sexual attraction towards the two sexes oAlfred Kinsein 1947 tried to describe sexual preference on a 7point scaleoThen it has been differentiated on a 5point scale only opposite sex mostly opposite sex both sexes mostly same sex only same sexoWhen we look at the proportion of individuals who say they are gay only attracted to same sex represents a small minority 2SelflabelingoWe see a common finding more men than women are exclusively homosexualGay men and lesbians are sex atypical in verbal fluency oGay men are usually gender atypical in their gender behaviour Their behaviours are described as feminine in terms of activities oIn terms of evidence cognitively homosexuals are more alike to their counter partners oLesbians are much closer in fluency in verbal skills with heterosexual men oVerbal fluency is more consistent with you sexual orientation rather than just the genderoGay men are behaviourally less aggressive than straight men They also perform more poorly in mental rotation tasks than heterosexual men Also homosexual men are better at object location than heterosexual menSexual OrientationDevelopmentIs it possible to detect sexual orientation early during developmentBoys and girls who later become gay men an women engage less in gendertypical behaviours Trying to Explain Sexual Orientation Typically two types of theoriesPsychodynamic attempts to explain development in terms of internal mental processesoRewards punishment socialization Biological attempts to explain development in terms of phenomena such as brain circuitry hormones genes evolution Psychodynamic ModelsFirst proposed by Freud oHe believed that homsexuality was a permanent feature of an individual Up until late 1960s homosexuality was included in DSM and classified as a treatable disorder oHeterosexualitynormal end to psychosexual development oIncluded homosexual phase in early childhood that was later forgottenNormal development could be disrupted by abnormal relationships within the family oWould result in stuck in the homosexual phase No scientific backingSocialization Homosexuality results from early sexual experiences oTraumatic molestation rape or consensualoNo scientific evidence to support
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