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Ayesha Khan

Chapter 1 The Meaning of the Word Sex - Originally, sex meant simply the categories of male or female, based on anatomical characteristic; meaning still persist today - There are some intersexed people (people whose anatomy is ambiguous or intermediate between males and females th - Starting in the 18 century, the meaning of the word sex gradually broadened - Late 19 century, it was applied to the whole topic of genital anatomy and function - Mid 20 century, sex was also used to mean sexual attraction and sexual behaviour, the word no longer just referred to a category but also to a phenomenon and a process - Sexiness, sex crazed, sex-education and therapy are words that are more common now, and relate to sexual attraction and behaviour, not to the categories of male or female - Near the end of the 20 century, gender was substituted for the word sex - Within the fields of sex research, psychology, and sociology, however gender refers to the collection of cognitive, behavioural, and personality traits that differ (to a greater or lesser degree) between the sexes - Sexuality, more than just having sex; also includes sexual relationships, gender, and sexual identities Sex is about Relationships - Most sexual behaviour takes place in the context of relationships; not all such as masturbation - However, even with that, there may be an imagined partner - Sexual relationships are extremely diverse (pg.5) - Real-life sexual relationship are not ideal relationships, we dont always get what we want in this world, but we are close. Almost always, there is some degree of mismatch that confers varying degrees of satisfaction. When sexual relationships are challenged by interpersonal difficulties or external events, some endure and fall apart - Sexual behaviour and sexual relationships take place in moral context; we all have our upbringing, our life experiences, our religious beliefs or lack of them, our ability to reason, and perhaps even by our genes. People do not share the same moral values, nor do they necessarily agree on whether a universal code of ethics governs all human behaviour and all situations Sex is about Identity - Psychologically, identity means the sense of who you are and it is often defined in terms of the social groups to which you feel you belong - Sexuality strongly influences peoples identity - Gender Identity: a persons subjective sense of being male or female - A lot of men and women have a gender identity that corresponds to their anatomical sex, but some individuals have a gender identity that is discordant with their anatomical sex - Transgendered or transsexual: A person who identifies with the other sex; may want to seek sex change in order to bring their bodies into harmony with their gender identity - Sexual orientation: The direction of ones sexual attractions
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