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Lec 1LECTURE 1SYLLABUS The exam is not cumulativeParticipation discussing theories that are still in debateLay out the basis of what you are going to be arguing Tests are going to be lecture basedLonger essay questions are going to be based on the discussions about the readings Paper opinion piece about a topic discussed in class Elaborate on that topic It must be maximum 10 pagesdouble spaced and minimum 6 pages TWO HISTORICAL APPROACHES TO INTELLIGENCE Francis Galton concerned with differences bw individuals intelligence Galton focused on individual differences It has carried on with normative tests Large influence on testing and hereditary view of intelligence Alfred Binet was concerned w identifying group milestonesBinet focused on a more cognitive approached He didnt compare people What is the minimum level people are able to achieve Influenced information processing view of intelligence and cognitive development GALTON He was rich privileged intelligent and very successful He started out training to be a doctor He travelled the world He came back and decided to study mathematics He was obsessed with being number 1 and he had a meltdown Major life interests included measurement and ranking ability Highly influenced by cousin Darwins Origin of SpeciesHe decided to draw a map of the blank spots in Africa He became a well known explorer He was a member of the Geographical society He was the first person to invent weather maps ups and lows and a way to measure at a distance triangulation He suggested using fingerprints to Scotland Yard His Anthropometric Lab measured keenness of sensation and individual differences in intelligence He turned his attention to measuring individuals If evolution is true we should be able to measure differences between individuals based on peoples sensory abilities Ie Blowing into a straw He believed sensory abilities were related to intelligence He was frustrated because people could not use his instruments These measurements were completely unrelated to intelligence He was the first person to measure intelligence and compare people Invented regression and correlation to describe the relationships bw items that tended to be related
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