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PSY395 (2) Reimer case should be known well – gender identity disorder Pivotal moment in science – gender identity and environment don’t go hand in hand Jenna Talakova- Gender identity disorder Born male and underwent treatment at age 14 and by age 19 the treatment was completed Santhi Soundarajan – body lacks androgen receptors – can’t read them – no biological advancement Berthold’s experiment if you disrupt this pattern then you don’t get normal development Sexual incentives – something that turns you on Government recognizes you with a sex – sex could be different than what you are born with Biological basis of sexual orientation Trauma – lesbians raped by men and that’s why they hate men - Men abused by men –you want to be like that man Evolutionary – lesbian – help you have children from the evolutionary biological perspective Nor hormonal differences between hetero and homo sexual brain differences Organizational and Activational Effects of Steroids Feminization of guys –sexual preferences not based on gender – choosing life partner also based on sexual preferences – most of us fall in the middle
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