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Emis Akbari

PSY395 (1) True or False 1. T 2. F- other factors play into aggression 3. F 4. F 5. F- not fixed, a continuum 6. F 7. T 8. F 9. T 10. T 11. T Endocrinology – Ancient Humoral Doctrine Humorism – discredited –historical importance 2 century- Galen Doctors for gladiators – head injury Certain type of problems followed certain injuries Phrenology 1 experiments of endocrinology – Berthold’s experiment done by Berthold Male to Female Transsexuals Hormonal treatment – power of hormones – indistinguishable Androgen insensitivity syndrome (complete or partial) Male problem with receptors Receptors nowhere in the brain or peripheral area CongenitalAdrenal Hyperplasia (CAH) Adrenal produce a lot of hormones – androgens More than one recessive pattern that results from this – heterozygote expression Clitoris -> penis Labia looks more like testes Types of Chemical Communication - Intracrine communication Own way of communicating with itself (cell itself) Communication with a cell - Autocrine communication - Paracrine communication – neurotransmitter release – release chemical messenger produced by biological response to another cell - Endocrine communication – hormone -> released into the blood- female receptors in the breasts – estrogen that’s why breast tissues grow - Ectocrine communication- pheromones –examples of more substances (leptin- food organization) Ahormone can communicate in other methods Anatomy- “classic” endocrine glands General Principles of Hormone Action 1. Act gradually – adrenalin –act quickly
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