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Lecture 5

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Robert Gerlai

Lecture 5: Anterograde amnesia is induced if removal of hippocampus. The brain can recover from stroke, but hippocampus is not replaceable. Field recording – various neuronal function. Electronic amplification techniques – to measure single neuronal function. First sign of alzheimer’s disease is that spatial computation is adversely affected, as the function of hippocampus is compromised. Down syndrome as well. If hippocampus is missing, salient cues, temporal (what day of the week is it?) features will be recognizable but the nuances cannot be distinguished or recognized. The cortex stores all the pieces of the information, just like books are stored in the library containing individual information. Isolated from the brain by white matter, enclosed in glial cells and is involved in outputting info and inputing info. Hippocampus is still alive, if the animal is not dead for too long and can be studied. Piece of grey tissue stay alive for weeks inside the hippocampus (grey lines) and are studied. Tri synaptic circuit – DG – CA3 – CA1 It only receives info from the cortex and sends it back to the cortex, it does receive info from auditory cortex or other system and send info back. SE –stimulating electrode R1, R2 – recording electrode Pyrimidal neuron – receives a lot of information from all kinds of synapses that can modulate its behaviour. How the hippocampus can encode time? Theta Pattern. 6 Hz – 6 clicks per second. Internal theta rhythm by the hippocampus, it acts like a stop watch and measure time. Place cells are synonymous with Pyramidal neurons. Place cells fire in relation to the spatial information provided so that different place cells can fire exclusively in one area rather than another – map the environment. Place cells follow rotation of visual cues – the place field where the place cells fire also rotate. Places cells senses proportion in relative location. Place cells are cells that predict relationships between cues if could be any cues, olfactory, visu
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