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Lecture 3

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Robert Gerlai

Lecture 3: Animals usually respond to environmental stimuli based on a baseline response, but if the baseline response is altered they are learning. Memory is the storage of altered baseline response. Amensia – process of consolidation does not occur. Dori could not hold memory for a long time – anterograde amnesia. Protein synthesis inhibitors – can disrupt the consolidation process – drug manipulation of memory consolidation. Development of organism is altered in animals – genetic manipulation of memory consolidation. Disease: e.g. H.M. Stored in the temporal lobe – facts (semantic) and events (episodic) Fear dependent learning – amygdala Reflexive forms of learning – skeletal musculature – expose rabbit to noxious puffs of air and have them associate this reflexive stimulus with a light source. Eventually the response would be to the light source. Subliminal messaging – priming – mainly through neocortex. Suprachiasmatic nucleus – neuronal firing corresponds to locomotor activity of the body associated with circadian rhythms. Korsakofs Syndrome – Vitamin B deficiency Alcoholism, Malnutrition. Iconic memory – memory that enters your short term visual sensory system, remembering the box outline after the box has been taken away from the screen. Visual and spatial information – visuouspatial sketchpad. Phonological loop – auditory memory Episodic buffer – Place cells important for spatial navigation, they are part of the hippocampus. Delay – conditioned and uncondition
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