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University of Toronto Mississauga
Kenneth Derry

RLG101H5 S Jan 10, 2011 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -How does Spider-Man 2 show the relationship between religion and culture? -What is “syncretism” and why is it a problem for “world religions” approach? --There will be questions regarding the syllabus in the upcoming quiz.-- Sept 11,2001 ▯ Before Sept 11,2001, religion was becoming less and less important. But graduates and people studying religion felt that the decline of importance of religion was not true. Japanese are the most religious people, since sometimes they regard themselves as believing in more than 1 religion (for e.g. Being a Buddhist, and at the same time a Islam, and Christian...) Religious related problems: -Gay marriage It is NECESSARY to understand religion. Religion is something that human do. Religion canʼt be separated with culture (explained with pictures of christians in different culture). To a lot of people, American = Christians. Heroes always sacrifice themselves in some way, either die or close to death. Religion Culture ▯ Influences Religion is: -Complex and important -Social and individual -Transcendent, abstract -Concrete, day to day (e.g. saying grace before eating, praying 5 times a day, limits on what to eat, reading some texts, etc.) -Has impact on daily life including relat
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