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RLG101H5 Lecture II #999831240 Wednesday, May 8 2013 How to cite [Sentence in your own words] (Nye 2008, 32) or (Derry 2011,334) What is this thing we call religion? • Is religion something you would know when you see it? st • 9/11 is the first major religious act in the 21 century albeit being a disaster • Can be used in destructive or amazing things • Religion explains why people are willing to commit acts that their religion requires them to do Overview of the Field Study - The study of religion in RLG101H5 does not concern the theological discipline of religion, nor do we look at whether the belief of a religion is true or false. We simply investigate and observe the religion from an outsiders view. We keep this perspective to avoid any bias that may alter the materials learned. We do however need to immerse ourselves in the religion, as to understand what certain symbols mean. For example when studying Catholicism we need to be educated a bit about why they perform the rituals they do, but we do so with an unbiased perspective. Religion is also known as a subset of anthropological studies, in the sense that we have to see what effects religion(s) have on human society. We also will review what certain social scientist have to say about the religious arts. Religion is also a subset of human culture and as a result we will have to trace the history of its roots to have a better understanding of this subject matter. Mapping the Field To properly understand what religion is we need to consider four different aspect so religion: • Essence ( What makes up a religion?) • Origins (Where does the religion come from? What function does it serve, so that humans would create such a phenomenon ? • Function (What is its social function in our culture?) • Description (Outside observation of religion) **Essence and origins is very hard to pinpoint. Essence is hard to pinpoint because it is impossible to see exactly what makes up a religion. Certain things can be seen and implied but the make-up of religion is complex and sometimes cannot be fully explained. Origins is also hard, because some religions lack artifacts from the past, and some of the origins dates are not recorded. The Python Cave The "Python Cave" was the location of the first known "religion". In there was the oldest rituals of burning human artifacts. Cave paintings were carved as well and scientists believe that this ritual was on
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