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RLG101H5 Lecture III 999831240 Monday, May 13, 2013 Study of religion - Studies human behaviour, and valid available empirical data. Four characteristics define religion - sacred space, ritual, text, and creed (System of belief) ie. The NY stock exchange could fit into the category of religion. Pastor Teresa (The pastor who became an atheist). Is a belief in a supreme being, the only reason why a person can be considered religious. The language she uses is the same as when she was a pastor (Born again) she expresses it in a different context. Religion/Not religion Defining Religion Non falsifiable reality - cannot be proven scientifically untrue. Symbolic Universe Peter Bergar - an extension on society. The categories between society and culture. Both have similar elements. Religions are constructed mirrors other constitutions in society is constructions . • Externalization - human being sas a product of their own desire, they create something . Example, an idea, structure, or a club. It comes from inside the human being • Objectivation - The externalized product takes on a form, and then it becomes a form • Internalization - the externalized product then affects the human. • Example Election site. Enough people vote for a candidate, the desire is externalized. The government has the power to act back on society. • Harry Potter- The Mirror of Erised. Harry externalizes his desire for his parents. In the mirror his parents take forms inside. His parents than interact with him and he internalizes the feelings. • Fight Club - Tyler Durden is the objectified character of the narrator. The narrators externalized feelings is seen through Tyler. • The development of religion, is located mainly in the objectivation of human desires. He believes religion is the desire of society. Human beings crave order and explanation. Desire for order is externalized, and is taken on the form of a symbolic universe. (Universes of meaning) • Anything that claims to explain society such as Marxism, are also claims to explain society. Wu Tang Clan C.R.E.A.M. • This notion of CREAM (Cash Rules Everything Around Me) • They inhabit a world of crime • They try to explain that Cash explains why everything happens around them. They explain their experiences by relation to cash. • Symbolic Universe includes religious institutions. Other things fit this definition Religion like culture, is based on what humans do. Sigmund Freud • How Freud understands the relationship between a child and father (Culturally bound), is the same as that of a deity and his/her/it's people (Religious) Malory Nye • Religions in different regions practices their religions differently. Environment is a factor . (Gathering outside compared to gathering inside.) • Refer to religions as a plural not a singular. J.Z. Smith • Proposed that there is no essential core to religion. • Students of religion should try and map a cluster of features of religions • There can overlaps between religions, but there can be vast amounts of difference as well. • A constellation of religions • Is Anders A Christian or not? • Killed 77 people in Norway for his Christian Faith. • Not a Christian, because he killed so many people??? • Does he share any traits with religion? Some traits but most w
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