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RLG101H5 Lecture IV Wednesday, May 15 2013  Canadian culture is infused in Christian religion.  Attendance is far lower than  What is considered regular attendance is twice a month.  Field research essay is due next week Wednesday.  Why theorists?  Religion is difficult to define  Like a platypus, has several features that are not associated with a feathered animal. Lay eggs, has webbed feet. Conglomeration of different features.  Different features throughout the animal's body length.  Theorists help us understand an aspect of religion. None has the whole.  Gives us tools to better grasp aspects of this religion  Many theorists = complicated subject matter  Stuart Hill is not interested in the study of religion. He wants to study culture.  Last Time  J.Z. Smith  Peter Berger  Clifford Geertz  Raymond Williams Stuart Hall - Popular Religion  Mass Appeal (Consumerism, commercialism, advertising companies)  What people do - Well liked by the masses.  Our Lady of Akita - statue of the weeping Mary.  Statue of David versus the Statue of Rocky - Elites objected the statue of Rocky, and had it moved to the stadiums. People from lower Philadelphia objected.  Aspects of culture are signs of struggles between the elites and commons  Where in particular religion there is a distinct religion between popular culture and elite culture.  Distinction based on clothing? Not everyone in the social service can be of different social status. (Suits and ties driving a BMW versus t-shirt and jeans driving a Civic.)  What influences our cultural tastes.  Habitus (Pierre Bourdieu) we are
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