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Basic Notes (Including the 2 questions) from lecture #4 on "Power"

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Kenneth Derry

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RLG101 - Mon.Jan.24
Question #1: Give an example of a scene from The Big
Bang Theory that seems to embody Gramasci's idea of
Question #2: How does Weber's theory reverse Marx's
understanding of the relation between religion and
4. Power
Is it religious?
"Non-falsifiable" James Cox
Falsifiable means that it can be tested
Soul, love, evil
Morality? (Right/wrong vs. social reality)
Meaning -> being meaningful to someone (ex. "Rosebud" from Citizen
The Big Bang Theory
Title/theme song -> purely scientific; rejects all scientific beliefs
Sheldon: finds meaning in organizational routines and science and power
and "geek culture" (comic books, star trek etc.)
Power <--> religion
Politics and economics - often understood in those terms
Ideology: power as natural
Ex. you should be less powerful then your professors
The Lion King represented a natural power - of course the lions would be
the most powerful
Two main aspects:
Create, sustain power
Subvert, oppose power -> religion can be used by those without power to
subvert things
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