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Lecture 2

Lecture 2 of Judaism

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Sarianna Metso

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Judaism - RLG202
NRSV translation is a good bible
Lec 2: Sept 14
The Story of the beginnings
the first four books: it is Mesopotamian traditions
super powers: Assyria, Egypt, Babylon
oIsrael Judah is squished and trampled on because they are in
the middle of them three
M any of the people migrating to the area settled on the plain lying
between the tigris and Euphrates rivers known as Mesopotamia
oIt is fertile here because there are rivers
oSo there is a lot of civilization here
The Story of Abraham
As an example of Ancient Cultural Exchange
Abram The Father (or God) is exalted
Abraham = The Father of Many Nations
oAm - ?
Abrahams characteristics
oRighteous man, with wholehearted commitment to God
oA an of peace; compassionate and hospitable
oA quick-acting warrior
oAn unscrupulous liar to save his own skin
Afraid of being killed, so he said sarah, his wife, is his
oA man of great spiritual depth and strength
oA person with common human weakness and needs
Abraham in post biblical Judaism
Temple Judaism to scripture Judaism
Jewesh piety
They are in diaspora
oCircumcision is to create an identity and cohesion
Emphasis on Abrahams testing by God and his endurance
Abraham in Christianity
they accepted the Abraham traditions and the old testament
Father of the Faithful
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