RLG202H5 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Antiochus Iv Epiphanes, Second Temple Judaism, Hasmonean Dynasty

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Published on 17 May 2016
Sectarians, Apocalypses and Messiahs
Second Temple Judaism
oLabel might be difficult due to different traditions occurring at the same time
Who rules the homeland?
oAfter Alexander the Great
Empire carved up
The Books of Maccabees
Idealized account of its' period
Glorifies what is going on
Antiochus IV Epiphanes
Insists to adopt Greek way of life
Means not adopting Jewish way of life
Ransacks temple in Jerusalem
Renames the Jerusalem Temple
Dedicated to Zeus
Maccabean Revolt
Celebrated the altar for 8 days
oHasmonean Dynasty
oRoman Period
Land of Judea (was known as Yehud)
oJewish Revolt
70 CE Romans destroyed the Jerusalem Temple
Ends in Masada
Southwest corner of the dead sea
Last Jewish Stronghold
73 CE The Romans conquer Masada
Legend is that the Jews had already killed themselves
The Western Wall
oHoliest site in Judaism
oPlace where god dwelled
Yom Kippur
oSandy Koufax declined to pitch in baseball to pitch on Yom Kippur
oCleanse out temple
oDay of total rest
oEx. Mormons
oSeparation and exclusivity
Three main issues
Second temple had problems from the get go
Built by a foreign king
Looks like temple will not be built at all
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