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Kyle Smith

RLG203 Lecture - Extra blog comment and essay - Spring 2014: “Women, gender, and the body in early Christianity” (Smith) - Exam o Two hours o Three essays o Choose 3/4 essay questions - Tips for success o The exam is 120 minutes, so spend 40 mins on each o Spend 5 minutes gathering your thoughts and composing a quick online for each essay o Spend 30 minutes composing the meat of your essay  At least 500 words, a little bit more than the blog comment o Spend 5 minutes wrapping up and writing a compelling conclusion - What will the questions be like? o The prompts will ask you to creatively synthesize and apply what you have learned over the term o As such, you must have thought a lot about the questions and material and also view the blog, videos, podcasts and whatever is posted o Review the “guiding” questions asked each week in the syllabus and the questions asked of you on the blog o Ex. How is Christianity a missionary religion?  How Paul spread the word by traveling to different places  Jesus saying to go forth to all nations  Spreading to Asia such as India o Find natural linkages. A question about Christian community might invoke both monasticism and the Amish. - What have we tried to do this term? o Do a metaview of the course material o To provide a broad introduction to core themes an issues in the history of Christianity as a global religion, and to build a foundation for understanding how scholars have studied these themes o To build the tools for interpreting why so many different forms o By means of comparative analyses of Christians from very different historical and cultural settings - What you should be able to do at this point? o Be familiar with primary topics o The essay questions aren’t going to be similar to previous essays, but more focus on topics on the latter part of the course o Christianity as developed from Jewish sect o Developed insight how Christianity is studied by those who examine history o Developed competence and critiquing sources and thereby preparing you for upper- level courses in the history of Christianity - Other things about the essay o Don’t need 4 lines of intro, can jump right into answering the questions but it still has to be organized - Lecture material: can we talk about “Christianity” in the singular? - What are the boundaries of Christianity? - What marks something as being “Christian” as opposed to being something else? o Not an easy question to answering o Not to impose our understanding of what Christianity should be but also recognized that words do have meanings o There are boundaries but it is much easier said than done o What is fundamental and essential to Christianity? - Some ideas of what’s important to some Christians o Practices, rituals, liturgies, what you wear? o Such as the Catholic church or the handling of snak
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