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RLG203 Lecture - Song: Researching the Blues (Redd Kross) - To do well on essay 2 o Read Annabel Wharton’s chapter, “Spectacularized Jerusalem: Imperialism, Globalization, and the Holy Land as theme Park” o X3 o Read this chapter o What is she doing? What is her purpose and point? - What does it mean to be a Christian? - Sermon on the Mount o Carl Bloch 1890 o Matthew 5: 38-39  “You have head that it was said, “An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth.” But I tell you, do not resist an evil person. If someone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also” - St. Francis Renounces Worldly Goods o Giotto, 1297-1300 o Upper Church of San Francesco (Assisi, Italy) o Renouncing yourself o Engaging in poverty - Martin Luther King o Advocate for non-violence o Standing up to power without fighting back o Civil moments began in churches o Christianity as the religion of peace and enduring of violence done to you and not to others - The Martyrs’ Last Prayer, o Victor wasn’t the one who drew blood, but the one who was killed - The Torment of St. Antony o Michelangelo o Battling demons and struggles o Always about enduring - What about literal fighting? And drawing the sword - Around 1095, the crusades were religious sanctioned military campaign to take back the Holy Land (Jerusalem) from the Muslims o Western Europe was Catholic o Crusaders butcher their way there o It began in western Europe where even Christian cities were robbed; large scale campaign - Anders Behring - Norwegian who killed 70 people o Fox News O’Reilly said that Anders can’t be a Christian because he doesn’t belong to a church or practice any Christian rules - Bush talking about the 9/11 terrorists as traitors to the Muslim faith because Muslims study and practice about peace and goodness - The Daily Show with Jon Stewart o Seeing hypocrisy in O’Reilly’s statement - History of violence - A European Declaration of Independence (Anders Behring) o Order of Christian knights that are fighting Islamic suppression o Condemns contemporary Christianity o Condemns the Pope because of his interactions with Muslims o Behring killed a lot of children of the labour party in the Norwegian government - The Knights Templar o Sean Martin o Lots of symbols that Behring and others look to o Fighting Muslims as a way of protecting European pilgrims o Body guards and bankers o Templar were rich because they charged fees for their services and charged the pilgrims for safekeeping their goods - English Defence League o No surrender to Al-Qaeda - The Vision of the Cross o Circle of Raphael o “In this sign, conquer” - Cross of St. George in England - Xenophobia and racism and romanticism of the pure Christian Europe - The Order of the Brothers of the House of St. Mary - Shield cross of the Teutonic Order o Black cross on silver shield - Mainly employed by Germans - Iron cross as the Knight’s cross (Nazis) - Swastika o Originated in India - Adolf Hitler, speech before the Reichstag, 1936 o “I believe that I am acting in the sense of the Mighty Creator...” - Beautification mass of Franz Jaeggerstatter o He refused to serve in the German army o Then he was beheaded - Why is Jerusalem so important to Christians? - What are some ways by which Christians have “acquired” the city? - Pilgrims want to go to the site where Jesus was born and view the things that are written in the Bible, especially Jerusalem - The empty tomb where Jesus was risen th - Before 4 and 5 century, people go to Jerusalem to visit other Christians not as pilgrimages - Then Constantine changed everything and his mother - The Finding of the True Cross o Gaddi o Hellena finding the cross in where Jesus was hung - Then the idea of Jerusalem as a holy land emerged and encouraged pilgrims to go there to see and touch and proliferating; taking back relics and fragments of the true cross - A couple of monasteries in Europe have gold and jewelled relics that supposedly held wood pieces of the cross - Egeria’s travels o Talks about what Egeria saw and did when traveling in Jerusalem o Around 7 century, Muslim took over Jerusalem so there were difficulties for Christians going to Jerusalem - Christian given indulgences and given open ticket - The pope said that if you die during the conquest for the Holy Land, you will be treated a martyr and go straight to heaven - Souvenir: a sign that you pick up from travels - Relic: pieces to history, identical - Replica: a fake remodel; rebuilding - Whartons develops that idea of other means of possessing Jerusalem - Assassin’s Creed game where it is situated in Jerusalem; realistic elements of the actual Jerusalem and map - Contested site in which different churches own different parts of it o Muslim family hold the key to the site because all the different Christian churches can’t agree - Traversed the path that Jesus walked - Wharton compared it to the theme park - The protestants depicted the holy land as they knew it from the Bible; a place without marks of Catholic and other symbols so they found a place outside the city o The Garden Tomb of Jerusalem - The Holy Land Experience in Orlando o A replica in Florida o Not a place of shrine, relics and icons - Who were the types of Christians going to which places? - How do they possess a space in a different way? What does Wharton mean when she calls the Holy Land Experience “the space of spectacle” and thereby denies that it is a relic, a rep
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