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RLG203 Lecture 3 - Song: Lambchop – “Paperback Bible” - Take a historical approach - Essay - The Conversion of St. Paul o Caravaggio 1600 painting o Missionary o Persecuted Christians and then had a revelation where he then converted his name from Saul to Paul o Didn’t know Jesus himself, but know Jesus’ followers so essentially he was closer to Jesus than the gospel writers (we don’t know for sure if Matthew, Mark, Luke and John was written by the person themselves, because it is “according to” them) o Importance is Jesus’ resurrection - 1 Cor 15: 3-8 - The Gospels and the Resurrection of Jesus o Death, burial and resurrection of Jesus o A biographical story - In your paper o Use what we discussed in lecture, what you read in Kennedy, and what you read - Sources: o Mark 16: 1-8 o Matthew 28 o Luke 24 o John 19:38-21:25 - Codex Vaticanus, 4 century o The last verse is Mark 16:8; there was no verses 9-20 - Oremus Bible Browser o o New Revised Standard Version o KJV: not very accurate because when first translating, there were some discrepancies - Don’t recount what happens or summarize; look at the differences and compare and contrast - No outside sources - Don’t need a thesis statement - Why is Paul sometimes called the “founder” of Christianity? (Is this a fair claim?) - Video: Part 7: “The Beginnings of the Jesus movement” and Part 8: “A showdown in Christianity’s Earliest History” o Different ways and interpretations of the fundamentals o How to interpret Jesus’ death? o Forming a gentile kingdom o Jewish movement o Sectarian groups are always on tension of their environment and want to go out to spread the word o Paul was a Diaspora Jew o Antioch has one of the largest Jew populations outside of Israel?  Where there’s Jews, there are Jewish communities, and Jewish synagogue  Jesus movement in some of the synagogues  Paul’s movement to bring gentiles into this movement - Acts 11:26 o It was in Antioch that the disciples were first called Christians o Jews were the first to be called Christians - Different Jesus movements popping up in different communities around the Mediterranean and Roman Empire - Isaiah 53 o “pierced for our transgressions, crushed for our iniquities, by his wounds we are healed” o “he was led like a lamb to the slaughter” o What we get in Mark’s gospel  “suffering of the Messiah” - Paul’s Missionary Journeys o Community of Diaspora Jew o Paul is going there to encourage them - “Diaspora” = Greek word meaning to spread through - Luke is not preaching to Jews, he is speaking to gentiles and so is Paul - Luke Acts is believed to be written by the same person - Acts 3: 3-9 o Saul was a persecutor of the movement of Jesus o Certain Jews believed in Jesus as the Messiah and some Jewish communities did not approve - Paul’s Letters and “Paul’s” Letters o Romans o 1 Corinthians o 2 Corinthians o Galatians o Ephesians  disputed o Colossians  disputed o 1 Thessalonians o 2 Thessalonians  Disputed o 1 Timothy (pseudepigraphic) o 2 Timothy (pseudepigraphic) o Titus (pseudepigraphic)  Helps to legitimize the writings o Philemon o Hebrews (anonymous and non-Pauline) - Primary Colors: A Novel of Politics o By Anonymous o Wanting to know who wrote it - Those pseudepigraphic books were talking about organized Christian communities such as deacons and certain roles of church and in Paul’s time, it wasn’t like that yet - “Secret Gospel of Mark” o Doesn’t mean it happened or that it actually existed in Mark o Could Clements have written it? o The Gospel Hoax – Morton’s Smith Invention of Secret Mark - Hoaxes happen all the time - The Daily Show with Jon Stewart o Old papyrus found with Jesus saying, “My wife” and then it got cut off o Most likely a hoax o We don’t need to look at various texts to see the different sides of Jesus - The Resurrection o Byzantine icon o Emphasized by Paul as important and first mentioned by Paul - 90% of the people that Paul were talking to were non-Je
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