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 Life during this time was brutal and harsh, life expectancy was 30 years o 5% doing well, rest 2/3 are farmers artisans, living paycheck to paycheck,1/3 disabilities  Screwed  King Herod -> king at the time of Jesus' birth o Sacrifices and worship took place in Herod's temple o Only high priests can enter centre of temple  Dome of the rock o Doming shrine, important site for Muslims because supposedly spot where Muhammad's foot left and ascended with angel Gabriel to pray with Abraham and Jesus o Jews not allowed to pray on top of the platform, go to western wall instead o Rabbis also don't want to because …., snipers to prevent crossing so when go, fear of unrest  Few decades after Jesus' death, Jewish revolt and Romans come and take over Jerusalem -> Arch of Titus proof of Romans over..… and destruction of temple o Monuments to commemorate/memorializing part of war  Vespasian Sestertius has Vespasian on one side and the other says capturing Judaea (?) and you as a Jew not only have arch in city but carrying coins commemorating destruction of your city and homeland Why study historical Jesus?  If only have needs of certain portion, have narrow perspective  Nazareth never mentioned in Gospels though it existed during Jesus' birth o Talks in Gospels about taxation etc. would make sense during Roman empire Mona Lisa of Galilee, mosaic found in Sepphoris   Jerusalem city Jesus would've gone for Passover (celebration of freedom, Moses leading Jews out of Egypt)  Jesus cleansing temple, had to buy sacrifice with Jewish money (can't use Roman so trade in money) o Never exact rate, the person doing the exchange takes their cut  Same thing happens then too and Jesus throws the table o Roman dude overlooking this didn't want riot so neutralize situation -> crucify Jesus  Gospel writes called "evangelists" o Angel = messenger o Gospel telling good news  Gospels and writers of Paul were written in Greek o Gospels preaching new kingdom, Kingdom of God and Jesus goes around manifesting visual signs of new kingdom through visual manifestations (miracles etc.) opposite of world they're livi
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