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Why is Paul sometimes called the "founder" of Christianity? Is this fair claim?  What did he do?  Why was a he so important?  How has is place in what would become Christianity become and considered founder by scholars  50 days after death of Jesus known as Pentecost miraculous act took place  Acts 2:  When talking about Christians they means people following Jesus as messiah but what that means hasn't been worked out yet The Gospel according to Mark  Mark stressing the idea of suffering servant that this Messiah isn't conforming to expectations, not warrior king against Roman empire or guy who comes down on a cloud but he dies  After this earliest period, after attempt to explain who he is, "Diaspora" = Greek word meaning 'scattering' or 'spread through'  Referred with capitol D  Refer to Jews moving out and these …  Emphasis on communication on roman roads and the irony of roads were the same that used by Romans to destroy Jerusalem were the same vehicle used to …  Letters that Paul writes are specific on specific issues and problems and Paul is in discussion with these communities and trying to make sense out of who Jesus was and whatnot and where do you go from here  Know more about Paul historically then Jesus  His letters were written roughly within 10 year period o The ones with dates next to them are the ones vast majority of scholars believe weren't written to these communities o The ones that are disputed, people are divided on whether or not they're authentic o The rest 99% say they were written by Paul but can't be pseodupeprigon o How do we decide what's authentic and what's not?  l;l  Temple of Apollo, 90% of the people talking to are gentile, not Jews, word pagan (those who worship the Greek and Roman Gods) o Talking to them in synagogues, along the road and in the market place o Synagogues is more of a community centre, not really worship going on during Paul's day because they have one temple for the one god for the one holy place and they're not at the centre of the holy place  Know from the New Testament know how Paul goes out and communicates with them 
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