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 Before get idea of believe, need to know act  Why is a Eucharistic (or "thanksgiving") meal central to Christian practice?  Why is it often called a sacrificial meal?  Idea behind going beyond circumcision and doing baptism is cleansing and idea of new day purifying etc.  Sense of symbolic resurrection o Going in water and "dying" and then coming back anew  Why does Jesus need to be baptized if he's supposed to be unsinful son of god? o Jesus comes to represent high priest (Jewish high priest) who would've been religiously baptizes or anointed  Mention of baptism in Gospel too o "Trully tully, I say to you, unless one is born of water and the Spirit, he cannout enter the kingdom of God" John 3:5 o Baptism is central  People put off baptism as long as they can if know they'll in later on so that after baptism can be pure as possible  Idea of "death" and renewal is fundamental  In addition to textual versions, have pictorial witnesses from catacombs in Rome where Christians would be baptized  Debates on how Christianity should relate to Judaism o Some thought Easter should be on same day as Passover, others say follow Roman calendar  Marcenion is the guy who wants to strip away all Jewish ties and focuses just on Luke because Luke focuses more on gentiles o He's rejected because it's argued that it's important to understand Jewish scriptures because Jesus was a Jew and to understand his message have to understand Hebrew structure, even though are different from Jews, can't renounce those ties o Regarded as problem cuz he had idea that there are 2 Gods: God from New Testament and a Redeemer God who's brought redemption (Jesus) o He thinks Jesus wasn't fully human but was fully divine and just put on a human forum to mask divinity and spurs other Christians to argue why the body is important, why Jesus' humanity is important and Jewish scriptures to know Jesus' purpose  Gnostic Christians (gnosis= knowledge) o Regarded themselves as orthodox though other didn't o The same as Marcenious Christians rejected humanity of Jesus o Say all humans are born with small
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