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Kyle Smith

According to the Gospels, Jesus instructed his followers to go forth and "make disciples of all nations." So why have Christians often established insular communities set apart from the world? What is a monk?  The idea that someone is on their own, gone out metaphorically out in the desert out of society, perfecting themselves before returning to the world, if that is perhaps possible Asceticism From the Greek word askesis meaning 'practice' or 'training'  Training mentally, for the body i.e. athlete training and working there to perfect muscle and get better  Training in the desert, spiritual perfection Salvador Dali: The Temptation of Antony  The naked woman represents putting away sexual desire and resisting temptation of luxury and wealth and resisting temptation of the flesh and family, all the power that knowledge would bring… Hermit From Greek eremos meaning 'desert' or 'wilderness'  The idea of a waste place and hermit living there, with Antony being the essential one  What we know about hermits is from stories  The one who wrote most famous stories of Antony was Athanasius of Alexandria (The life of Antony) o Biographies written with particular agenda of promoting Antony as perfect Christian, as one they should emulate, as ideal o Antony is apparently this illiterate man who had little prestige and power, didn't come from high class power and little education and went out into the desert Hagiography Greek fro 'holy writing' or 'holy stories'  For men and women both  Became stories of the martyrs  Think they might be sharing the suffering of Christ by living like that Temptations of Christ St. Mark's Basilica (Venice)  Christ is shown as gone out in the desert for 40 days to fast and pray and reconcile himself to what may become of him  He's tempted by Satan in 3 different ways Brings bundle of rocks and says if you're hungry, turn them into … Says to worship me and bow down and I'll give you worldly power Says if you are who you are, jump down cliff angels will rescue you  Devil is depicted as someone dark skinned like Egyptian, Ethiopian o Dark is depicted kind of in a racist way Jesus Temped in the Desert J. Tissot, late 19th c.  Jesus’ death is model for martyrdom and Jesus fasting is a model for ascetics and monasticism  A lot of how we define how this is conveyed is from ko-on (?) like sayings i.e. Moses says sit in a cell and cell
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