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Kyle Smith

Of Gods and Men To prepare for essay  Read Annabel Wharton's chapter, "Spectacularized Jerusalem: Imperialism…" If you commit acts of violence, do you no longer "count" as a Christian … or a Muslim?  O' Riley says dude's not Christian cuz no follower of Jesus can kill people cuz Christianity is peaceful and religion of love whereas Islam is violent  Stewart says that's kind of dumb but also says Brevik isn't Christian cuz violence has no place but he also says Islam isn't violent either so ignores that part  Violence is integral to Christianity and Islam o Main teachings aren't violent but to talk to them as essentially nonviolent and then look at the practioners and say they're deviating from the teachings is a problem  Templers said leave with us in Europe all your belonging and write you promissory notes (kind of like a cheque) and take it to another templar and that's how they got so powerful  Had their hand in everything and once point had hand in island of Cyprus  Had ties everywhere  Templers were world's first multinational corp.  Had hand in crusades and the role of the templar in the crusades  Brevik isn't a sole operator like O'Riley said  Though he doesn't have an
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