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Kyle Smith

 Why is holy land a spectacle o Have a play where they show theatrical experience of reproduction of it as theatre, of death of Jesus  She says you're getting something packaged for you that might not have access to real  Have replicas o Replicas have practical applications  A relic is embedded with spiritual power, is holy object  Holy Land Experience is a replica of Jerusalem as defined by Wharton (have to go by Wharton's definition of words)  Think about Holy Sephlicar (?) and rituals that went on there  Can rebuild the temple around as a mean of replica of Holy Sephlica where ritual can take place  Is important for Wharton to verify replica  Shrine on one hand and theme park on the other o Shrine is hybrid while theme part if unitive o Shrine/sephlica is mishmash of different forms of Christianity compared to theme park offering a clear tour guided idea of the place o Free vs. something paid for, ancient vs. modern  Finally in part 3 of your essay, please think about how the Holy Land Experience is perhaps only way What does it mean to say that Christianity is a "missionary" religion?  Long letter is often referred to mission  Long mission/assignment sent out  Missionary ideal is spreading the faith  Sense of Jesus and Christianity being a missionary religion comes from Paul  Matt talks about 11 disciples meeting in Galilee to go on an assignme
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