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Kyle Smith

 Does the bible come down on homosexuality So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them. Genesis 1:27  Interpreting the bible  Problems not with just trying to get at what text means but what about when you see contradictions  One verse story about humans created before animals and then another account is the opposite o Did the author who wrote this chapter forget what he wrote in chapter 1 and wrote something else in chapter 2? o Maybe this text was compiled over history through oral tradition  Why do you have thousands of priests and ministers giving sermons every Sunday explaining what the text means, the texts are long and aren't easy and need their help to understand them Early as 5th century (Augustine of Hippo)  Augustus didn't look at text and say it was created in 6 days, willing to admit that with any images there were multiple levels of meaning and to make it much more complex than it looks  Didn't devote a lot of their time trying to figure out literal meaning because spiritual meaning was more important James Henley Thornwell The Christian Doctrine of Slavery  Was responding to northern abolitionists who were trying to get rid of slavery o They said slavery was evil and this was a direct challenge  He's a southern minister preaching a wrong but surprisingly good argument from a biblical point of view  Says slavery isn't good or bad and isn't godly or devilish but is part of the human condition  Takes Paul's view that this world doesn't matter and modifying social stuff in this world is pointless o As Christians have obligations to make present social order that's been inherited to make it as Godly as possible  Just as abolishing slavery was feared because it would lead to anarchy and atheism, were against right for women to vote  By nature, women weren't meant for the intellectual challenges of politics o Might be persuaded to vote for someone cuz they look good or be influenced by someone else's opinion  Women wer
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