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University of Toronto Mississauga
John Kervin

Christianity September 17, 2012 • Final exam questions will be from the blog “What do we know about social, religious, and historical circumstances in which Jesus lived? “ • Place(Roman Empire, todays Palestine in the city of Judaea ) • Time: 1 CE in the time of the Roman Empire (around Mediterranean) • During this period the Jews were under the foot of Romanseven though Romans provided good infrastructure, services but people were still living like “subjects”-including Jesus • Baptized and became a preacher and eventually was executed • Don’t have sources from actual time of Jesus so there are many interpretations and thus find “many” Jesus • Cesar Augustus at that time he claimed tax on everyone and named son of a God who brought peace to Rome by ruling from Spain to Palestine • Herod took over Jerusalem and rebuild it on a monumental scale including a temple of which we have the detail • Herod named the city Caesarea after the Cesar and the city was a personification of the Roman city • Born 4 BCE guess after Harrett died and grew up in the region called Galilee • Recent discovery show that the place wasn’t as the Gospels but rather the city seemed to be in the high end of the scale-Sepharous which cause to rethink the settings in which Jesus was born • Jesus was close to a thriving environment which would require a level of sophistication unlike the humble carpenter • Few scholars believe in Jesus ‘low birth and was a have-not carpenter • Jesus was a Jew • Only one temple in Jerusalem since they claimed Jews only had one god so they have one temple • Numerous Roman Merchant Vessels for travelling in order to trade and import goods • Build durable roads which allowed postal system, spread of Christianity through travellers, armies which helped keep rebellion in control • 70 CE-Romans destroyed the Herod’s temple and most of the Gospels were written after the destruction of the temple • Present-on the site of the temple is a Muslim mosque with “Dome of the Rock” which is supposedly the rock on which Abraham sacrifice his son Isaac, where heaven and Earth meet, “foundation stone” which was Mohammad’s journey in which he was taken up by Grabiel to pray with profit Jesus and Abraham • Critiquing Christianity in which they state the God has no one son • Can’t pray in the area so Jews must pray in the Western wall in present day • Arch of Titus –celebrate victory and bragging on Rome taking that road •
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