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John Kervin

Christianity Lec 3 [email protected] Kennedy “religion is a way of living based on a decision to believe in a particular world-view” • Theorization isn’t part of it but rather jut the practice live building the boat • What is a Eucharistic (thanksgiving not connected to the holiday) meal central to Christian practice? • Why is it often called a “Sacrificial” meal? • Gospel talk about Jesus getting baptized by John (John the baptizes ) • Baptisms was like an initiation to a new life (dying with Christ and being reborn with him) • Why did Jesus have to be baptized if he was thought of as diving? o Represented to the high priestess and would be anointed afterwards o Christian understanding is that it is a priesthood and initiation into the kingdom of God once baptized o Know from early text that Christians were doing this in the early age and even after 100 years after Jesus’ death and have instruction on it o Visual examples of Jesus ‘baptism • Not all gospels tell the same story about the resurrection and some didn’t talk about it a lot • Marcion of Sinope; wanted to cut out most of the Gospel only keeping Luke and Paul’s version o Luke & Paul have in common; he had the ideal that the true God was removed from the world, and there was a lesser God (the God of the Jew) and he was the one that created the world o Jesus was the messenger of the higher God (he thought of Jesus as a wearing a cloak of human but in reali
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