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Lecture 4

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Kyle Smith

Chapter 3 According to Kennedy religion is a way of living based on a decision to believe on a particular world viewPractice before theory 1why is a Eucharistic meal central to Christian practice 2why is it often called a sacrificial mealThe Ghent AlterpieceBaptisma new creation Going down in the water dying with Christ and being reborn with ChristWhy did Jesus had to be baptised if he is divine 1 Jesus being symbolicrepresenting the Jewish high priestAll are initiating ashigh priest following what Jesus didChristians were being pushed out from the synagogues from Jewsby the end of the first century Because of Paul it was the gentiles who were excluding themselvesThere were some institutions developing in some churches but in only someTwo debates between two groups One group following the Jewish calendar eastern should be on the day Jesus was deadThe Roman calendar on the day of the equinox on a Sunday Orthodox means thinking rightth
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