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Lecture 5

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Kyle Smith

Week 5 Pleasure of pain. Why is the body so important in Christianity? Jesus was really human, sacrificed the flesh, body is the vehicle for scarification – as Paul said. Resurrection of Jesus -- a new resurrected body. Body is fundamentally important. Martyrs become recognized as “second” Christs – that’s how Christian martyrs were read. The baptism of Jesus at the crucifixion is a baptism in blood. . How did Christian ideas about death and body challenge prevailing non-Christian ideas in the Roman Empire? Romans were celebrating dead bodies. How do we quantify the quality of a death? (How do we add it up? Are certain ways of dying better than others, are certain ways of deaths remembered or tragic etc?) The nobel death and suicide. Martyr- a Greek word meaning witness. Someone who gives a testimony (someone who dies for their faith). Martin Luther King, Ghandi etc. Socrates – he is brought on trial for corrupting the youth. To question everything they have taken as true. He is convicted of this. They did not want Socrates killed they only wanted him gone. They wanted to punish him so after he would banish. How do we distinguish martyrdom and suicide? We can define them in the abstract, but the more we think about them they get grayer. 1. It depends on the eye of the beholder. It is extremely dependable from the culture, religion etc from a person to another. 2. The consequences and the context. If the good outweighs the bad the death can become a martyrdom. Martyrs are made. It requires interpretation and memory of a particular community and uphold it as an example of courage. “If a tree falls in the forest and no one sees or hear it, it didn’t fall”. “Being killed is an event. Martyrdom is a literary form,
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