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Week 9 There was a lot of corruption in the Roman Catholic church, too many people were saying that they were popes etc. Power belongs to the hand of the people not to the hands of the popes. They weren’t trying to open new churches they were only trying to reform new churches. 1)Who/ What is the church? 2)Who gets to decide what is the interpretative of Roman Catholic church? The number of people who could understand the Bible was a few. The people who spoke Latin (that was the only Bible that existed that time) was a few. Priests and popes thought that they were the ones who interpreted and read the Bible only. But that was not fair because everyone had to read it and understand it. Martin Luther – was the most important figure in the reformation of church. He was not looking to leave the roman church, he wanted reformation. What was Luther’s main issue? In 1510, he went to Rome and he was shocked by the corruption of the clergy and the priests. Priests had mistresses, wives, multiple children and the sale of indulges. Indulges – a get out of jail free card. There was purgatory – indulges was a way of the church making money, by signing this paper saying, “This person’s years in the purgatory have been reduced by 2 yrs”. All the money went to built brand new churches. th In the 4 roman catholic council, the doctrine was established that the salvation of the soul could only be done by good work and you had to practice periods of feasting, chastity, sadicism , lent. The focus was on doing things – good work. Purgatory – the intermediate place where the sins would be forgiven. If you have gone to purgatory you are not going to hell but still not to Heaven either. This came from the idea of praying for the dead. The idea was : a) God’s justice – he has got to be just. He wouldn’t just allow anybody to go to heaven. b) God’s mercy entails – he is not going to send people to hell, he is going to be merciful. Dante – the Divine Comedy. Inferno, Purgatory, Paradisio. On the surface it is a guided tour of Heaven,Purgatory and Heaven. A bit more deeply, it was a poem about the souls touring to God, explaining what it was like for souls to go to God. Everything is frozen – the solar system that the center of the solar system is the Sun (God) the farther away from God you are the colder it gets. It wasn’t the idea of Purgatory that got Luther mad, but it was how Purgatory was dealt with and discussed in the church – 1)before you die you have to work/ do something to take the indulgence. Going in pilgrimage, pray etc. tha
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