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Lecture 2

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Alireza Haghighi

Rlg204 12 July 2012 Lecture 2 Muhammad Does prophecy have any function for the Muslim society? - Function of a story, why? Guideline, background where we come from - Issue of role model for Muslim, why is it important? o He tried to get some position regarding salvation o It’s going to teach us that you can get close to this criteria (role model): success, salvation and happiness o In each part of life, He did something we can also do? - Explaining Hadith and Sunnah o Social order – halal for the society o Philosophical – what is the meaning of god o Religious order – how can we pray? Fast? - First issue: his father died, an orphan – why is this important o Pain and suffering o State of war that people died and the widows went to other tribes since they were suffering - Honest man – why is it important o In a state of war, honesty and truth is a luxury issue o Issue of hypocrisy – working because … o With honesty, he can be a star in a dark place o Function of a religious leader stops you from seeing this relationship - Sensible soul – why? o Looking for a meaning of life o When are people looking for a meaning of life? When in trouble, when dying, - Second issue: private life – why is this important o Khadija was the first Muslim, why is that important? o She was influential and she spread the word o This shows us the position of women in Islam o Without Khadija, Prophet Muhammad wouldn’t be a prophet o She supported him through finance, politics, morals - His approach is critical to the Society o Hypocrisy vs. Honesty - Philosophy o Society – femicide – state of war o Four institutions that have been continued: state, family, religion, prostitution o Muhammad was against how Social order wasn’t working o Tribal leader - politics, business – money, religious leader – justice o All these three support each other o Idols – what was the function of idols – wasn’t working as a religion, only justifying their actions, these idols could not solve their problems, or meaning of life - Crisis of polytheism led to the answer of monotheism o Loyalty and commitment are the functions of polytheism o Monotheism – impact: not loyal or committed to the tribal leader, power relation
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