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Lecture 3

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Alireza Haghighi

Pol112 17 July 2012 Lecture 3 The Holy Quran: Basic Doctrine Power build-up - Battle of badr: first battle between mecca and Medina o Achievement: from Quranic view, two sources: history nature and book o History: lesson from history, how society failed, corrupted o Nature: find rule among the preacher o Book: in Quran some reminder for history, one of them being the battle of badr o Achievement: victory – quantity is not important, faith is more important o Message: don’t give up, when you give up you are not believing in your faith o They had good knowledge and faith, this made them win the battle - Battle of uhud: lost o They didn’t listen to the prophet o They left their position to go for the money o They were fighting for the money not for their faith o Lesson: if you don’t follow the prophets message you won’t succeed - Agreement: it’s not god for prophet so it wasn’t a prestigious agreement o Lesson: war and peace, it depends on your aims, and the power you have o Lesson: sometimes in a short term you will lose the results that in the long term that you are winning o Prophet argued that we are winners in the long term o Lesson: in the society, sometimes Muslims don’t believe that Islam is their religion for salvation success and happiness o Islam is concerned about all these three issues SSH o Issue: regarding the vision of the society dealing with non-Muslims, based on the contract and how they will follow it, and when they accept they should respect it o Policy: was trying to get people in his faith but not looking at their past o Rule: the criteria for Muslim is what you are doing from on is what matters, that they are not returning to their past o Issue: of munafiqeen, hypocrisy - How prophet dealt with hypocrisy in Medina? o Two types: in
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