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Lecture 4

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Alireza Haghighi

th Rlg204 19 July 2012 Lecture 4 Muslim community - Umma - Guideline for private and public life - Through the society, you are being tested - Society is the place for promoting Islam - Society is the best place for Umma - In umma you can claim your idea, and faith would be capable to make a new society - Brotherhood and sisterhood relationship – 1 rule: any member of the society is your pndblem - 2 rule: The interest of the society is more important than your own interest - 3 rule: people in the community are committed to the words and actions - The main source violation is coming from the fact that people are not committed - Contract: Muslim and government, Muslims and family and God, Muslim with non-Muslims, Muslim with Muslims – commitment - Contract is referring to the responsibility to the people - Criteria has been changed in the Muslim community - Important issue: Prophet Muhammad … with brotherhood - Other issue regarding the original sin: Eve ate the forbidden apple – Christianity issue, impact: human relation with God - In Islam the “forbidden sin” is not recognized as a sin - Text Context Reader: the interpretation of the reader, includes the background of the re
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