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Alireza Haghighi

January 6 , 2014 Introduction to Islam Lecture 1 ISLAM • I- Identity (5 pillars) • S- Salvation • L- Love life • A- Accountability • M- Muslim community Allah’Akakbar- Power and Knowledge is Limited Types of Islam • Traditional- Both content and form is important • Spiritual – Relies on the content whereas form is not as important • Political – • Military – Al Quida • Modern – Importance of Islam • Population growth • Meaning of life • Interest and power • Security • Oil- Islamic countries have 55-60% of oil • Created Islamic civilizations Difficulty in studying Islam • The ambiguity inherent in every religion • The problem of politics • The problem of Islamophobia (especially after 9/11)  Islamophobia: Hatred towards a person just because he/she is a Muslim Pre-Islamic Arabia: The Era of Jahiliyya • Geographic Context:  The Arabian Peninsula: o Mainly rock and desert o 700 miles wide and 100 miles long o Dominated by desert and steppe area o Survival a huge achievement for those people o On its coasts, there were numerous ports part of the trade network which linked India to Mesopotamia to East Africa, Egypt and the Mediterranean o Important town and cities: Mecca (center for trade and commerce), Yathrib (Medina) which was an important agricultural settlement Social Organization and Identity • In 7 century AD:  Only few people lived in urban cities  Majority of people lived in tribes  Principal sources of livelihood: herding, agriculture, trade, and raising from inter tribal wars • Intertribal warfare:  A long established activity  Profound effect on the social, cultural and moral structu
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