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Alireza Haghighi

thLecture 1 July 8Islam Acronym IIdentity 3 principles tawhid day of judgement prophecies5 pillars fasting hajj shahadah zakat salat etcS salvation L love to life caring about life mssg of islam is you should love to life but also prepare for the day of judgment at the same time ResponsibilityAccountability A attendance you should be present in every position of your lifeM Muslim community more important than personal interest you can discover yourselfWHY ISLAM IS IMPORTANT1Oil2Growing population3Civilization4Security is the first priority for western countries power and interest issue of security AlQaida does not have a security issue they have no rules no border no RPrediction and control are connected to each other this is the mssg of Allah swt to the ppl Dont think you are in control of everything in your life Implication of AllahuAkbaryou should accept your power and knowledge is limited Source of power knowledge wealth beauty information position All this is limited when we say AllahuAkbar 5Issue or ethics and morals Islam has some guidelines to those who want to find the meaning of life Required ReadingDenny An Introduction to Islam Fourth Edition 3245Schimmel Islam pp 19Alexander Knysh Islam in Historical Perspective NJ Pearson Education Inc 2011 Chapter 1 pp 717 on blackboard
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