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Alireza Haghighi

LECTUREFEBRUARY 1 The first golden rule is that everything is allowed but those things which are expressly forbiddenLets talk about Islamic Law How many orders do we have in our life in Islamic law Islam as a source of law has some order How many types of order do we have in Islam The first type of order in Islam is waajib Praying fasting zakat and hajj are wajib Then there is halaal These are those things which are permitted The third one is the category of forbidden haraam Alcohol is haraam The fourth one is mustahab ie recommended Marriage is an example Then there is makruh ie disliked Divorce is makruh The last one is mubah It depends on the context Out of all these there is only one forbidden haram1 Wajib Praying fasting zakat and hajj 2 Halaalthings which are permitted 3 Haraamforbidden 4 Mustahabrecommended 5 Makruh Makruh tahrimi and makruh tanzihi disliked 6 Mubahdepends on contextEven in haraam things there is flexibility Islam is realisticWatching television is mubahSome fundamentalists say that television is entirely haraam The guideline is that only those things which are mentioned as haraam in the Quran are haraamThe other issue is the issue of necessity Sometimes necessity is going to give you a space to do something Its still haraam but the ruling is suspended in the context of a pressing necessity For example if you are starving and fear death it is mandatory to eat haraam if that is the only thing available Saving your life is a greater obligation than avoiding haraamThe third golden rule is that the punishment should not be disproportionate to the crime committedAny order for the Quran is for your life Its not supposed to complicate your life Its supposed to make it easier Quran and Islam have come through Prophet Muhammad SAW to facilitate ease for our livesIf you have some order that makes restrictions on a lot of people and the life of people would be complicated it does not belong to Islamic lawThe other thing in Quran as a guide for Islamic law is that the social interest takes priority over selfinterestThe next guideline is that if youre faced with two evils you should choose the lesser one
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