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lecture 4

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Alireza Haghighi

LECTURE FOURTHREE FUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLES AND FIVE PILLARS What is the principle of Islam1 Tawheed 2 Prophets AS 3 Day of JudgmentWhy are these the three principles of IslamWhen we say principle we mean that if you refuse any of these it means that you dont believe in Islam Some person might not pray but he is still a Muslim Without believing in these principles you are not MuslimYou should learn the system Namely you must determine the philosophy the function and the result of the principles What are the practices1 Shahdah 2 Salat Prayer 3 Fasting 4 Zakat alms giving 5 Hajj PilgrimageWhat is the relation between the principles and the actions What is the philosophy of Tawheed You should find out any concept through this model of philosophy function and result What is the philosophy of the principle What is its function What is the resultFirst what is the philosophy of Tawheed There is no God but Allah He does not beget and he is not begotten He is the creator and his knowledge and power is ABSOLUTE That is important The philosophy of Tawheed shows to humanity that youre not living alone in this world There is a relation Each philosophy has a function and result in Muslims daily lives In the case of Tawheed you have this philosophy to explain the entire cosmos and to explain the relation between God and humanity In philosophy you have to answer who created this world why and what the relation is between humanity and GodWhen we say he is the creator it means that creativity is important for GodAny creativity any knowledge and powerall of themare symbols of God Every question goes back to the relation between God and humans Humans are not alone Theyre supervised by GodWhat is the function of Tawheed Worship Because God is the symbol of knowledge and power the function of Tawheed is to give a sense of meaning in your life The first function of Tawheed is that it gives you meaning in life People always create something to give meaning toIts like being in a train that has no life Without meaning your action has no purpose
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