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RLG205 - Lecture 4

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Ajay Rao

thJanuary 30 Lecture 4Upanisads and Renouncer TraditionsAscetismrenunciation represented as typical of south Asian religions is critical in SAROnly in late Vedic text are there any references to thisThe origin of ascetism oIn the Upanishads itself and Buddhism o750200 BCoWhy is this rejected in the beginning of the Veda Renunciation rejects a lot of the rituals oSanyasaextinguishing of firewhich the renoucer rejects ohas rejected all social lifeoin Buddhism can see this as a whole new belief systemmany terms in Buddhism are critical conceptsused in Vedic religionsbut the meaning is shiftedPalilanguage of Buddhism Stylized language not like Sanskrit Ex dharmais the Sanskrit darma the sacrificein the VedaDharma is the highest good the teaching of the Buddhathe new concepts are very much similar to Buddhismoex yoga karma idea that this world is something that is subject to a law of transmigration samsaraoin Vedic text you die and go to heaven or notbut now idea of another optionanchoritevanaprasthaphysical renouncerostill maintains the sexual relationsolive in settled communitiesodied out early in south asia renouncersanyasaidealistic renouncer owithdraws from sexual relationsorejection of basic family lifeomore proximity to civilization in forest somewhereodo not participate in rituals and do not marryobecame dominant in south AsiaBuddhist and Jainothey are valorizing the rejection of that worldabsolute rejection of the Vedic life ocontemplate living in the forest and rejecting the social worldIn the asrama systemdomesticating renunciation renouncer stage is just a part of lifeUpanisadsWhy is it meaningful for later traditions Like the Vedanta 1
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