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Lecture 9

RLG205 - Lecture 9

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Ajay Rao

thLecture 9March 19 2008Indian Philosophy Srivaisnavasvaishna societytext are about logic but there are a connection btw nyaya and sivaso3 groups differentiated byRitual DiksaensignInitiationnaman Textual corpusPhilosophy Visistadvaita Epistemology how one knowsoHow theories workoKind of like a methodology oIs subject to debatecore of Indian philosophyoWorks through pramanaInstruments of valid knowledgeHow do we know that the moon revolves around the earthvarious ways of coming up with the answersDifferent types of pramanasoPerceptionDirect observationoInferenceDeduce oTexts Verbal testimony others tell us things The other knowledge systems are more philosophical darsana is not really a knowledge systemoknowledge system are more systematic and based on structure core text or sutra text the commentary text or the bhasyas subcommentaries etc othe direct interpretations result in new innovation occurs within tradition but the topic is still the sutra text this remains the samefaith seekingunderstandingbased on faithoHere it is purely rational reflectionnot faithSidhanthaones core positionnasthikas reject the VedasoBuddhasoMaterialistsno soulno life after deathasthikas dont know what they rejectcan reject godbut they do reject the Vedaorthodox o6 orthodox systemsNyaya How one knowsReally importantTheist 1
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