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Lecture 10

RLG205 - Lecture 10

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Ajay Rao

thMarch 26 Lecture 10 Bhakti Islam in South Asia SikhismFocus on BhaktiHave heard it in the GitaoIt says Devotion that one performs to goda loving relationshipoDefinition loving participation with godBhakti is really important in south Asian religions ndThere are very important historical movements in the 2 millennium A different bt bhakti as a category and bhakti movementsEXAM focus on hymns AK Ramanujan Afterword Traditions communities and literature based on bhaktiaka Bhakti movementsAK saysoUses a linguistic analogy to talk about shift in bhakti movementsoThe great concintental shift The shift is systematicbegins in a small place and spreads in wavesdoes not replace any traditions Do not throw out the oldbut get a shift that begins in a single place and keeps spreading Change occurs in any society like religion like a wavebhakti becomes really important Bhakti in GitaoBhaktiyoga ndo2 half of the Gita is devote
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