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Lecture 4

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Ajay Rao

Rlg205 lecture 4  The Ramayana story o It’s well known o Retold hunderds of times o Valmiki- author of the story o Rama, Sensitive person, see a hunter kill one of the cranes that wer in the act of love. Curses the hunter. He is confused cuz curse was in song. God tells him hes bee blessed with the ramanyana o First literary poem o Dasaratha-king-ramas dad o Rama is born- wives eat some of the porridge created by a sacrifice. Cuz of porridge wives have babies o Rama is prince, heir to throne o Rama marrys sita  Strings this bow, bow of shiva  She is able to choose her own groom thru a test  Rama is the only one who can stiring this bow  Ravana: the abduction of sita o Ravana is engrage for rama cutting his sisters nose o He abducts sita  Date of the ramanyaya o Theory one: late vedic- ramanay never mentions budhism  Doesn’t describe anytihg about budhism  Has to be very old o Theory two: post mauryan  Talks about ideal king, therefore, it must have come after the ideal of kingship in the world  After a real empire has actually happened  Kingship has to have occure in the world first before it could it have happened in ramanyana story  Chose to ignore budhism when writing this epic  Rama as a renouncer o Most striking aspect of the narrative is not martial valor but ramas refusal to claim the throne o Central moment of the epic the reason for his enormous esteem o Contrast with heroes of Mahabharata  Ramayana and vessantara jataka o Jataka- in budhist context- they are stories- refers to the previous life of the budha
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